Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Life's simple I think..we just make it complicated by thinking too much.now thats contradictory...

I have everything I could possibly want right now in life..A loving boyfriend, amazing friends, supportive family...But, i feel lost...lost in life..I wish to finish my post-graduate studies.i always wanted to do.i have been 'preparing' for that for quite some time.i always imagined a future where i'd do my MSc and get a dream job..a job where the work involved is what i'd like to do.contribute my skills to the corporate world..but here's the glitch.i dont know why i'm not serious about studying for that.

I know that i am capable of scoring well in it if i prepare seriously for it..i just dont feel like studying..no dam motivation..when i did chart out my career plan, i was very enthusiastic about it all but now i really dont know what is wrong..i dont know what i wish to do in life and thats why feel so lost..that at even this stage in my life i'm not sure about my career..i do wish to specialise in something..and work in a field where i really do feel enthusiastic and happy about what i do..

I wish this haze clear soon for me..